Talk like doctor

I recently learned a new word…. “coprophagia” to describe a certain habit of animals (dogs in particular) which can lead to an interesting PK plot (Plasma concentration versus time). This term turned up in the report our ADME group wrote describing the oral PK of a compound that was given to dogs. If you see two nearly equal Cmax’s separated by a period of a few hours you too might have observed “coprophagia”. Interestingly enough, when I “Googled”this term, I noticed that eBay was offering coprophagia at reasonable price.


One Response to “Talk like doctor”

  1. totallymedicinal Says:

    No shit! [sorry someone had to say it]. Apparently its common is species that have nutrient poor diets, hence the need to eat everything twice.

    I heard that Bigfoot has this trouble, as he has to spend most of the time hiding from tourists with 300 times optimal zoom camcorders.

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