Separated at birth?

There is a striking resemblance between Nobel prize winning chemist R B Woodward and former US-president Lyndon Johnson….Coincidence???




3 Responses to “Separated at birth?”

  1. Retread Says:

    No way. I worked for Woodward ’61 – ’62 and later was an Army Doc in LBJs war (Vietnam) from ’68 – ’70. They looked nothing alike. This must be a later picture of Woodward, when his characteristic cigarette pose and high consumption had begun to take their toll. For further Army Doc stories, see upcoming Rip Van Winkle posts on ChemBark (#4 and #5 to be exact)

  2. Combi Says:

    How about LBJ and George Olah?

  3. gaussling Says:

    This one is my favorite.

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