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Word of the week; Heinz Bodies

March 5, 2007

I thought I might try something new…provide a word/phrase of the week that deals with some aspect of medicinal chemistry or pharmacology…drawing upon my own experience to include subjects that one will likely encounter at some point in their career in  drug discovery.

First up is “heinz bodies”

Sooner or later one will come across a compound in a program that has the potential for causing hemolysis of red blood cells. In some cases hemolysis is easy to detect in vivo since the animals will exhibit clinical signs of stress/discomfort and blood will be evident in the urine. On the other hand, subclinical hemolyis might go undetected during acute or short term exposure. Nonetheless, in some cases it might be possible to detect subclinical hemolysis depending on the mechanism (typically oxidation of hemoglobin (haemoglobin to the English)), using “heinz bodies” as a biomarker.  Drugs such as quinidine, quinine and isoniazide have been associated with oxidative damage to hemoglobin, either directely or indirectly. Oxidative damage to hemoglobin causes the percipitation of “cellular” components in the red blood cell resulting in small inclusions within the “cell” body..these are heinz bodies. I put in a picture below which I copied from the Crookstone Collection of Medical Slides 


 Heinz Bodies